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Natural Gas Now Viewed as Safer Bet

We’ve been saying this for awhile now, but it’s good to see a source as big as The New York Times finally echoing it.  It’s time to really step things up for the rest of 2011!

From Jad Mouawad at The New York Times:

Natural gas may be having its day, as its rival energy …

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Ford Transit Connect Taxis to hit the streets of Chicago and run on natural gas

Looks like the Ford Transit Connect CNG is becoming a very popular choice for taxi cab owners throughout the country. 12 of these new NGVs is a great start, and it’s always great to see more NGVs on the road.

From US Gas Vehicles:

January 21, 2011. Ford Transit Connect Taxis will begin winding through …

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Study: Global natural gas vehicle sales to hit 3.2m annually by 2016

While this news is encouraging, the United States is still far behind many other countries in the world. This simply means that more education and infrastructure is needed, and helping spread the word about natural gas vehicles is one of the easiest ways to help.

From Pike Research via Autoblog Green:

At this year’s Detroit …

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DeKalb County to convert raw landfill gas to renewable natural gas

Natural gas IS a renewable form of energy, and it looks like DeKalb County is going to help prove it. This is a big step forward in this area’s infrastructure, given the current lack of CNG fueling stations in the area. If anything, it shows that local governments are starting to take natural gas much …

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Kansas City, Missouri Police to tryout two new natural gas cars

If it’s good enough for law enforcement, then it definitely has to be good enough for taxi services! It’s great to hear further expansion of natural gas vehicles for fleet usage.

From US Gas Vehicles:

January 5, 2011. Kansas City Missouri Police are going green in 2011. The deparment will tryout two new cars …

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Ford Transit Connect competing to become New York’s ‘Taxi Of Tomorrow’

In the country’s, and perhaps world’s, most famous taxicab market, there is a battle going on for New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow.” Among the entrants is the Ford Transit Connect, which if course WorldCNG can convert to run off natural gas. If this vehicle is possibly good enough for New York City, it can …

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Ex-Shell president sees $5 gas in 2012

$5 gas? The threat of this alone is clear evidence enough to look toward alternative fuels, especially for large vehicle fleets. Economically, moving to less expensive alternative fuels just makes sense, and the environmental impact is truly the icing on the cake.


NEW YORK ( — The former president of Shell Oil, John …

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Congress continues incentives for natural gas vehicles

While the vehicle tax credits were not extended yet, the continuing of incentives shows that the US Government is definitely showing interest in CNG for vehicle fuel, and is not simply brushing things under the rug during the lame duck session of Congress.

From US Gas Vehicles:

December 21, 2010. Congress took an important step …

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WorldCNG E450 Shuttle Bus achieves estimated 442-mile range

Natural gas shuttles maintain OEM gas mileage and power while saving overall weight

Kent, Wash., December 15, 2010 – WorldCNG, a Kent, Washington based company that specializes in alternative fuel packaging and applications, officially debuted its E450 Shuttle Bus, which utilizes a BAF Technologies EPA certified natural gas conversion system, equipped with 34.8 gas gallons …

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