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Vettel Drives CNG Scirocco R-Cup to Nations’ Cup Victory in Race of Champions

Once again, the power of CNG as a race fuel has proven itself!  Myths of CNG’s lack of power potential compared to gasoline and diesel continue to be disproved.  If it’s good enough for racing, then it definitely should be good enough for our nation’s fleet vehicles.

From NGV Global:

The end-of-season Race of Champions …

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Imagining the possibilities with 130-octane CNG in a Nissan GTR

To kick-start the week is a video from our friends at The Tim Bailey’s Nissan GTR that you’ll see in the video below still retains the stock turbos, but with some relatively minor modifications and tuning with the ethanol/gasoline mix of 105-octane E85, the car makes 560 ft-lbs torque and about 545 horsepower. Tim …

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CNG-powered Nissan GTR? WorldCNG can do it!

As the world looks toward cleaner, more efficient fuels to power all different types of transportation, one area that has always lagged behind is motorsports. Current motorsports applications run primarily on gasoline, often times requiring expensive, high-octane variants. Alternative fuels in motorsports applications are very few and far between, and are often limited to only …

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