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World CNG E-Series Van Tank Configuration

WorldCNG is pleased to offer the Ford E350 Van converted to natural gas operation using BAF Technologies EPA certified natural gas conversion system, equipped with 31.1 GGE of CNG fuel. The base configuration uses a Type-4 and a Type-3 composite cylinder, which have a combined weight of 228.5 lbs. The two cylinders are aft mounted and hold 24.5 GGE and 6.6 GGE of CNG fuel each, respectively.

TThis configuration is expandable up to 41.0 GGE utilizing a second 6.6 GGE Type-3 tank and an additional 3.3 GGE Type-3 tank mounted as shown. The total weight of the 41.0 GGE configuration is 358 pounds. Both the 31.1 and 41.0 GGE configurations weigh less than a full Ford OEM 55.0 gallon gasoline tank, which weighs over 500 pounds.

Vehicle Conversion Cost Summary

  • All World CNG natural gas conversions feature OMB electronically controlled solenoid valves on all cylinders, Titeflex flexible high-pressure tubing, and utilize only Swagelok fittings. All tank cradles feature Canimco brackets and stainless steel tank shielding custom manufactured by WorldCNG.
  • Other standard items installed on all vehicles include the following:
    (1) Swagelok 2 9/16th 4000 PSI liquid filled pressure gauge
    (1) Swagelok ¼ turn shut-off switch
    (1) Snaptite Fuel Filling Receptacle
    (1) Rotarex Cirrus Series high pressure gas regulator
  • All WorldCNG Conversion systems are installed in compliance with NFPA-52/FMVSS standards and NGV2-2010 guidelines.
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